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We design web pages which perfectly matches your requirements, in net-process we implode creativity and design with relevant content aiming for all business process by satisfying all your commercial needs.

Our design is unique and characteristic which comes with quality without compensating your price range. We offer a diverse service, which suits for your varied business solutions and make your venture stand apart in the business.


Web Development

Website Development Process

Every significant web project poses unique challenges, but the overall process of developing a complex web site generally follows six major stages that you should think through before crafting your final project planning and proposal documents:

  1. Site definition and planning
  2. Information architecture
  3. Site design
  4. Site construction
  5. Site marketing
  6. Tracking, evaluation, and maintenance

Developing a large web site is a process that may have far-reaching budgetary, personnel, and public relations consequences for an organization, both during the development of the site and long after its deployment. Too many web sites begin life as ad hoc efforts, created by small interest groups working in isolation from their peers elsewhere in the organization and without fully considering the site's goals within the context of the organization's overall mission. The result of poorly planned, hasty development efforts often is an "orphan site," starved of resources and attention.

As you consider the development process outlined below, note that the construction of the pages that make up the web site is one of the last things that takes place in a well-designed project. Consider each step in the process and its impact on your developing project charter plan (see Developing a Project Charter, below). Think before you act, and make sure you have the organizational backing, budget, and personnel resources you'll need to make the project a success.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the most important ways by which internet users find websites. It is the method of placing website at the Top of the most important Search Engine listings for particular keywords. The most importance must be attributed to Google, Yahoo and Bing focus Search Engine Optimisation. It is a two part process; firstly it is important to make sure that the major search engines recognise what keywords you would like your pages to rank for. This is done using "On-Page" Search Engine Optimisation. Secondly, the search engines require knowing about the status of your page. By using "Off-Page" Search Engine Optimisation, a website with good search engine listings may get a populated traffic.

A successful and proficient Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an expensive, but rewarding investment, as in order to get good search engine positioning, submitting to Search Engine is required. By using perfect Keyword Analysis, this can be done. If we know the traffic volumes accessible for the proper keywords, we can search the top sites for your selected keywords, and construct modification in your site for placing it in the conduit of subsisting traffic rivulets. By using the most up-to-date Search engine Optimisation techniques, you can be assured of that you uphold a successful web presence.

Excellent Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is not an easy going process. If you want to get an excellent ranking, it's time taking, as to give your site a top position is a growing and continuing method that cannot be done in one day; it requires a sustained effort. So it is necessary that you prefer a SEO company that realises your requirements and serve your purposes well.



App Development

We are specialize in Design and Development of android and iOS apps.we believe that our products are optimum functionality and forward-thinking innovation apps

Lanevservices become your bridge to design and develop your business digitally.

Our developer’s experts in Android and iOS development for Native and Hybrid applications, and we develop our products in Cutting edge technology to be user-friendly forever. Every day we are bringing new innovative technology experiences to reality.


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