Web Application Penetration Testing

For a user, a web application is a client-server program in a web browser. For a hacker, a web application is an opportunity to steal sensitive data. Cyber-attacks on web apps range from targeted database manipulations to large-scale network disruptions. Cyber-attacks can result in massive financial losses, damage to brand reputation, and loss of customer trust. Therefore, every company should ensure the web security.

Our web application penetration testing delivers detailed results that shows how an attacker can exploit a vulnerability. We combine automated and manual penetration testing to achieve the most accurate result. It takes excellent technical skills and experience of penetration tester to identify complex flaws in authorization and business logic of the web app. We provide clients with insightful analysis and recommendations on how to eliminate vulnerabilities.

Mobile Application Testing

Mobile devices invade the corporate world and the lives of individuals. Our mobile app penetration testing provides an insightful security analysis of phone and tablet-based apps. We use combination of automated and manual penetration testing for the most accurate assessment. Our penetration testers identify vulnerabilities that can be misused and damaging the reputation of the project.

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